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The site of Melka Kunture was discovered and proposed to the attention of the Ethiopian Archaeological Service for the first time in 1963 by G. Dekker. The same year a French pre-historian archaeologist, G. Bailloud, carried out the first surface surveys and collected important materials and faunal remains.

Melka Kunture is a valley site, which extends for almost 6 km in both Awash River banks, with superimposed terraces whose remains are preserved to a maximum of 100 m of sediments. The site is located 50 km south of Addis Abeba in a lateral branch of the Rift Valley.

More than 3900 artifacts on obsidian, about 6000 tools and flakes on basalt and something less than 2700 faunal remains have been found during the excavations of part of the paleosurface extending about 100 square meters, with an overall amount of more than 12700 objects reaching in many square meters a very highly concentration are found in this area.

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