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Although little developed and receiving few visitors, the Gambella National Park in the West of the region, is unique with its large area of swamps and wetlands. Most of the terrain comprises grassland, and wooded savanah, and contains many species who are more typical of the Sudan rather than other areas of Ethiopia. The Wetlands, and the Baro River attract large quantities of birdlife, many of them migratory visitors.

Gambella has a diverse set of Wildlife,Which the country shares with neighboring countries. Vast collections of plain games are observed and could arguably be one of the best wildlife areas of the country. Major wildlife conserved includes white-eared Kob, Nile Lechwe, Roan Antelope, Topi and Elephant. The near threatened Shoebill and Basra Reed Warbler have been recorded from here back in the 1960s. The area holds 11 Sudan-Guinea Biome species holding 69% of Ethiopia’s total assemblage for this category.

The park area is home to the Nuer and the Anuak people. Both sexes of the Nuer favor cicatrisation, an adornment causing bumps in various patterns on their bodies. It is about 5060 sq.km in area. Originally the park was created for protection of extensive swamp habitat and ts wildlife. Located on the Akobo river system it hosts several wildlife not found elsewhere in Ethiopia. These include the nile lechwe and white-eared kob. The banks of the baro are rich in birdlife and thus give visitors an extra advantage.

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