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The first time, in the North, Abel surprised us with his extensive knowledge of the rock hewn churches and the Christian traditions but also of the fauna and flora.   The trip in the Northern region took us to impressive historical and cultural places.

The second year we met him for a tour in the South-West of Ethiopia, his home region. He managed to organize a flexible and varied program for us: we visited different tribes, made some nature walks, enjoyed breath-taking panoramas and held long conversations about life in general.

During both trips we appreciated him enormously for his emphatic behavior, his discrete manner of treating us and for his many friends we met.We enjoyed his contagious laugh, his jokes, his talks full of humor and his singing and dancing!

He was a real trustworthy companion.

He made us love Ethiopia, proud as he is of his home country! The taste of Ethiopia is sweet & flavorful, everybody should try it!

Marleen, Christel and Reinhilde


Abel has got a lot of knowledge about the history and religion of Ethiopia. He got never tired of all the questions we asked him. Abel and his crew are hardworking, responsible people. The trip took place in a relaxed atmosphere and a lot of times we had a good laugh. It was an amazing trip and I would recommend Abel and his crew if you want to visit Ethiopia.

I. Achterberg


Abel is passionate about his country and even more passionate about showing its many treasures to his guests. Ethiopia is a beautiful and special country, but it is best enjoyed under the guidance of someone who is dedicated to giving their guests the best possible experience. My family and I have used Abel's services a couple of times now and we love his passion, knowledge and nonstop motor. He will make sure you see everything you possibly can and that you have all the correct information about what you see so you walk away understanding the beauty of the area. He also puts safety and comfort at the top of the list and will do anything for you (we thought we were going to drive him crazy, but he never stopped smiling). Also, his laugh is infectious and he makes you not only comfortable, but he also makes you want to spend all the time you can with him. I can guarantee the quality of Abel's services and I hope anyone reading this makes the right choice for the sake of their trip to beautiful Ethiopia!!


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