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This shall involve tours to the main and cultural sites in and around cities including Traditional houses and cultural dances. Tribal cultures, culturally significant urban areas and their preserved buildings, arts and more which shall reveal the Dorzie tribe en route to Arbaminch, the ‘’Konso’’, ‘’ Tsemay’’, ‘’ Benna’’ and Ari tribes -, and the Mursi tribe who still use lip plates for beauty, cultural villages as well as the traditional lifestyle. Festivals like the Surma where a single combat game called the ‘’Duelling’’ are among the major tours in this package, the Evangadi dance of the Hamer. This tour package will include an information folder, guided tour and refreshments.

Visiting the people of the South Omo is an enriching and educational experience. Over twenty tribes inhabit the area and we visit villages and local markets in the hope of meeting several of them. The most famous are the Mursi, renowned for their clay lip plates, but there are many other vivid encounters with some fascinating tribes. Whilst the emphasis of the trip is on the people, we also visit the Rift Valley lakes with their beautiful scenery and fertile surroundings, and we are likely to see a wide range of mammals in Nechisar and Mago Parks.

The Lower Omo is land of a remarkable mix of small ethnic groups with unique cultures! They live almost without the current global civilization & technology! Their culture, artifacts, ornaments & decorations they use are simple & unique. The Mursi lip plates, body paintings are incredible, the bull jumping ceremony, donga stick fighting… in omo valley everything is so fabulous to see!

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